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Lenders apply different acceptance criteria for a senior loan.

For each lender, the maximum age that they accept for applying for a loan differs. For borrowing money, the pension itself is not an uncertain factor, but your age. Each loan must also be repaid for your 74 th birthday. That applies to everyone. We can tell you all about what you want to know.

A senior citizen loan with other pension income

When calculating the amount of the senior loan that you could buy or cancel, we first look at the employer’s pension or the state pension you receive. If you have other pension income, such as an annuity, this also counts for the calculation. However, if the supplement has a relatively short duration, it may occur that a lender does not count it in the calculation of the loan for seniors.

Furthermore, the housing situation, the amount of your monthly rental or mortgage amount and any BKR registration are included in the calculation of the seniority loan.

Make an appointment for a loan for seniors

Just when you have stopped working, you probably have all kinds of plans that you would still like to realize. Then some extra money can be very welcome. Together with you we like to see whether borrowing money in your situation, with your (pension) income and expenses, is possible and is justified. We identify which lenders you have the chance to get a senior loan. And we can apply for the loan for seniors directly for you.

Make an appointment with us for a first introductory meeting without obligation.Your personal adviser is therefore always close. Let us provide you with the best advice and the most advantageous interest, a reliable broker who can give you independent advice thanks to years of experience. You can reach us, or request a quote directly or calculate the maximum amount that you can borrow .