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Would you like to borrow money for a company car with the certainty of a fixed term and a fixed rate for your loan?

With us you can take out a business loan for the commercial use of cars and delivery vans up to 3500 kg. The credit limit is at least € 5000 and a maximum of € 125,000 for business leasing.

Business loans for freelancers

We also make business leasing possible for freelancers and starting entrepreneurs. Taking out an ongoing loan or personal loan is not always easy for freelancers without annual figures. A number of conditions apply to the application for business leasing by a freelancer, such as a well-known BKR.

The Credit Advisor also makes it possible for start-up entrepreneurs and freelancers without annual figures to loans a car or occasionally, up to € 25,000. Starting entrepreneurs obviously do not have annual figures yet. If starting entrepreneurs could not get financing, they sometimes can not even start, let alone become successful. We understand that at our company.

Request loans

If your financial situation permits, you can loans a car or occasion business. We are happy to find out for you whether a business loans is possible. We help you as best as possible by providing independent financial advice. That way you get a loan that suits you and your company.

Our partners are reliable parties with a lot of experience in financial services. We will gladly tell you about the loans possibilities (business) with our partners. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or make an appointment for a no obligation introductory meeting at one of our offices in your area. We are happy to help you. You can reach us , or request a quote directly or calculate the maximum amount that you can borrow .