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When you plan to borrow money soon, calculating the maximum amount that you can borrow is very important.

The advisers of the can quickly calculate your maximum loan for you. The reason that when we take out a loan we always calculate how much you can ‘carry’, is that your financial situation could just change in the coming years. With our calculation you can borrow responsible money.

How does the calculation of the loan work?

If you already have a certain amount in mind, it is of course nice to know whether it is possible for you to borrow such an amount. You can not borrow more than is justified for you in your situation to borrow. How does the calculation of the loan work?

Our advisers look on the basis of your net income, monthly rent or mortgage amount and your current living situation (in what kind of house do you and with whom?), How much you can borrow. No matter what loan you want to take out, whether you are thinking of a personal loan or a revolving credit, the maximum loan amount remains the same. In addition to calculating this maximum amount, it is of course also important what you want to spend on your loan per month. Because maybe you can borrow more than you want to pay off monthly?

Calculate money borrowing

Would you like to have a calculation for a loan made? Then contact us without any obligation. Our advisors are happy to give you an indication of the maximum loan amount. The lender ultimately determines whether you actually receive the loan that you have requested. However, our calculation is so accurate that an application is rarely rejected.

In addition, we identify which outstanding loans you still have. You have to withdraw these amounts from the maximum amount to know how much you have left to borrow extra. In the end, we have a good picture of your situation and your options. Make an appointment directly with a in your area and also have your maximum loan calculated. You can reach us, or request a quote directly or calculate the maximum amount that you can borrow .