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How much can I loan?

Do you have big plans such as buying a boat, car or caravan? Or, for example, renovate a bathroom, kitchen or other space in your home? But do you not currently have sufficient financial resources to finance that yourself? Then you probably think about a loan. And then you will also have the question: “What can I borrow?”. We will try to answer this question for you below.

How much money can I borrow and how much can I borrow?

“How much money can I borrow?” Is mainly dependent on the question “How much can I borrow?”. The Dutch Banking Association (NVB) has drawn up a code of conduct for consumer credit. It contains the rules for the maximum amount that someone can borrow. How much that is depends, among other things, on your living situation, your net income and your monthly rent or mortgage amount. We use this data to calculate the maximum amount to be borrowed in accordance with the rules of the NVB. That amount represents a loan that someone can ‘carry’ responsibly.

You can take out a loan up to your maximum amount.

That does not mean, however, that you have to borrow the maximum amount. Naturally, you can also take out a smaller loan and pay off the amount that you can still miss on a monthly basis so that your loan is repaid more quickly.

Calculate the maximum amount to be borrowed

What can I borrow? The advisers are happy to calculate it for you. We can give you an immediate answer to the question “How much money can I borrow?”. Then you can use this knowledge to make a choice for, for example, a revolving credit or personal loan. We will advise you on the various forms of financing and mediate for you with lenders.

The also takes care of applying for the loan from the lender, checking the bids, completing the necessary documents and contacting the companies. You do not have to worry about anything. Feel free to contact us by telephone or send an e-mail for more information or to make an appointment with one of our consultants.