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Do you need a minimal amount of money immediately, and do you want to borrow fifty euros ?

With us it is now possible to borrow a minimal loan like this. The majority of the people need a loan to pass the time to their next wage, because of this it is everywhere called ‘payday loan’.

In what way does 50 € borrow.

Visit our mini-loan request page and choose an advance provider that suits you in a relative way. After your choice, you enter the requested data. After completing the data, the document is requested at the bottom to agree with the provisions. Agree to the terms and submit your information. Once the information is received, 2 email messages are sent. In the first e-mail you will be asked to activate your bank account. Once activated, you can immediately log in to the web site. In the second mail a copy of your identity card is requested, and a payslip or a certificate of payment. You can send these papers via your personal membership, or send them with an e-mail. After the papers have been received, informing has been completed. Your application will be handled as smoothly as possible and you will be kept up to date via an SMS. If everything is approved, they will immediately transfer the sum of money to your bank account.

Borrow 50 euros, an example. how you do this.

Suppose you need a financing of fifty euros for a certain period. The sum that you have to pay back is of course dependent on the amount you have borrowed. In case you borrow 50 euros with a time span of 21 days, the costs will be 10 euros. So you pay back 60 euros in total.

Watch out with your loans, even if you only want to borrow 50 €.

This type of loan is mainly intended for individuals who need extra finance for only a short period. Compared to a personal loan or a loan on a guarantee, the APR is much higher. But the APR is not the right method to make a comparison, since the borrowed money with a personal financing stays much longer. If you, as in this case, lends for just a few days, you usually pay no more than a few dozen euros in interest. With a personal loan over a number of years, you will have paid thousands of euros in interest over time. Remember to carefully check the pros and the counter’s of which example you are going to take financing. Take a look at loans: when you have ended up in a spiral of loan after loan, you have to look at your financial situation a bit differently.