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Is it possible to borrow and what does a loan for solar panels cost? Or are there other options than a solar panel loan?

Solar panels require a substantial investment, which may not be enough money for you.

Sustainability loan

The sustainability loan is a specially created loan that you can possibly request from your municipality. The sustainability loan has the great advantage that the interest rate is considerably less than that of a normal (solar) loan. Because a municipality can decide for itself whether and how to offer the sustainability loan, you will have to ask your own municipality about the possibilities.


Another financing option that the municipality offers is subsidy. In the case of subsidies, too, it differs per municipality and how much subsidy is offered to cover part of the investment for solar panels.

Refund VAT

If you register with the Tax Authorities as a solar energy entrepreneur, you can reclaim the VAT from the purchase price. As a result, you immediately receive 21% of the purchase price, which is a considerable saving!

Special fund

Because sustainability is an increasingly important issue, there are several mortgage providers that encourage energy-saving measures. The nice thing about this is that you can borrow an amount in addition to your existing mortgage. Certainly because you can only borrow up to 100% of the value of the home, an extra jar for energy-saving measures is nicely taken into account when you buy a new house.

Solar panels loan

In addition to the abovementioned possibilities, it is also possible to take out a personal loan or revolving credit to finance solar panels. With a revolving loan you may withdraw money up to a previously agreed limit, as often as you wish. What you no longer need, you can repay extra and possibly re-record later. With a personal loan you borrow a one-off amount that you pay off in fixed, monthly installments, within an agreed period. You will receive the amount into your account in one go. A personal loan gives you extra security.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of a personal loan or revolving credit? Do you want to know what a loan for solar panels costs? The company welcomes your questions and look with you what your personal situation possible is. Immediately contact us!