An art exhibition supports stray animals during the winter

The ongoing charity art exhibition at M50 Art Park aims to raise funds to protect stray cats and dogs from the harsh winter weather.

The exhibition features over 60 works by more than 50 Shanghai-based artists and includes photography, oil paintings and calligraphy.

Each work is signed by the artist and mounted and framed to museum collection standards. All works were donated by the artists to help abandoned and homeless four-legged animals through the winter.

The “Little Tiger” oil painting offered by Zhou Tao vividly depicts a cute little white animal with big innocent eyes licking its paw. It is also a work of art to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.

Zhou Tao’s “Little Tiger” Oil Painting

Photographer Lu Yuanmin, who has documented Shanghai life for many decades, donated his “Suzhou Creek,” a scene that captures two happy children playing on a moored boat.

Yang Yijia’s watercolor takes viewers on a dark and mysterious night in Yaojing Village in Jinshan District, while Cai Zhiwen’s India ink wash shows a man playing the zither in a peaceful green bamboo forest.

An art exhibition supports stray animals during the winter

“Suzhou Creek” by Lu Yuanmin

The money raised from the exhibition, which runs until February 20, will be donated to the Yang Yuhua Stray Animal Protection Center, based in Chongqing, southwest China.

Yang, 72, has rescued more than 2,500 stray dogs and cats over the past 30 years. She sold her homes and factories and used all her savings to keep the center running.

This is the fourth year of the exhibition which has grown into a city-wide charity and arts event attracting a number of established artists and animal lovers. Nearly 200,000 yuan ($31,500) collected over the previous three years was used to cover the cost of pet food, medicine, rental and staff at Yang’s center.

During the month-long expo, pet experts will give lectures on what to do if you come across an injured stray dog ​​or cat, and why and how we should feed animals in a guided manner and scientific. The artists will also talk about how they were inspired by pets.

An art exhibition supports stray animals during the winter

“Cat” series by Yu Youyou

Exhibition Information

Dates: until February 20, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Location: Ruipin Gallery, M50


Address: 4C-107, 50 Moganshan Road


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