Art Major Overview – JMU

Declare the major

First-year, transfer, and major-change students
All prospective first-year, transfer, or major-change students who intend to major in art must meet JMU’s admission requirements, as listed in the Undergraduate Catalog.

In addition to meeting JMU’s admission requirements, all students intending to pursue the BFA in Art must submit a SADAH Admissions Portfolio to the school’s SlideRoom account to be artistically admitted to the school. . There is a $10 fee for this submission. Students must submit a second portfolio at the end of their core courses to be admitted to the art major.

Students applying for the Art BA or BS do not need to submit a portfolio at any time.

Portfolio Feedback Days are an opportunity to meet professors, receive information about the art major and concentrations, and tour school facilities. Students must participate in a Portfolio Feedback Day to be considered for any SADAH Merit Scholarship, which ranges in amount up to the full cost of tuition. Portfolios must be submitted as early as possible to be considered for scholarships.

Please contact SADAH’s Recruitment and Records Specialist, Michael Penney, if you would like a faculty member of the art major to critique your portfolio before submitting it to SlideRoom.

Admission to the Major

Admission to the Art BFA program is selective and competitive for a limited number of places. Fulfillment of all admission requirements does not guarantee admission. Admission to the Art BFA program is based on completion of all prerequisite courses and individual merit as determined by a faculty assessment of your art portfolio.

Advance in the Major

BA and BS Art majors must remain in good standing with at least a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

BFA art majors must be declared an art major and have completed all core prerequisite courses and introductory art courses.

Portfolios are assessed during a student’s second year in the spring semester, prior to pre-registration. Students should contact the Area Coordinator to determine the exact time and location for portfolio reviews each semester.

Students not accepted into the Art BFA program will have an opportunity to reapply the following semester or may choose other majors within the School of Art, Design, and Art History.

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