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The BVS Cultural Arts Association’s 36th Annual Art Show is scheduled for September 18-26 at the Oak Tree Country Club in Bear Valley Springs.

One of the most popular features of the show is the chance to win a work of art donated by one of our many talented artists. Raffle tickets are available at the lounge.

One of our donors this year is Kris Gruben. She and her husband, Randy, moved to Bear Valley Springs six years ago to be close to their son Josh and his family.

Gruben has been exhibiting at Bear Valley for the past few years. Her donation this year is “Looking for Nectar”, an encaustic, which is a mixture of beeswax and damar resin mixed with pigment for color. After Kris moved to Bear Valley, she took a course in Bakersfield on the medium.

The process is a bit complicated and takes time. One coat of the mixture is applied and then heat fused before the next coat is applied. With each layer, she adds more color to complete the image.

Kris has been exposed to art her entire life. Her mother was a professional watercolourist and Kris is always up for another creative challenge, also doing watercolors and making ornate glass bottles.

Kris’ magnificent works of art can be seen at the ‘N’ Gifts Gallery in Tehachapi.

Call Michelle at 661-972-2519 to obtain a pass to Bear Valley Springs.

Linda Coverdale and Michelle Miller are with the art exhibit.

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