Center for Autism Services Alberta Art Exhibit Benefits Area Youth

A pop-up art gallery showcasing different creative works made by children, teens and young adults with autism is more than just an art exhibit.

From Saturday to July 2, artwork created by members of the Center for Autism Services Alberta will be on display at the Stollery Gallery at the Nina Haggerty Center for the Arts.

All of the various paintings, sculptures and mixed media artworks on display are for sale and the proceeds go to their respective creators.

The Nina Haggerty Center offers art classes to engaged youth and young adults throughout the year to give them a chance to develop their talents and practice their socialization.

“Each session they can create whatever art they might need and have a little chat,” said Mathieson Erickson, artist and volunteer at the Nina Haggerty Center.

“We love showing their art to the community and it’s a great way for them to show off their talents,” Erickson added.

Art is the universal language, Erickson said, and everyone can express themselves through it.

“This program helps people with autism foster that expression,” he added. “Growing up as a person with autism myself, I found it difficult to socialize and even learn different things.

“But when I joined this program years ago, I learned to use different techniques.”

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