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There is a stigma that comes with tattoos. But it is slowly fading in today’s society. While some previous generations still did not readily accept and understand today’s cultural fascination with ‘getting ink’, the fact remains that tattoos are increasingly popular. socially accepted.

Getting a tattoo is a way to express to the world who you are and what you love. Tattooing is an artistic form capable of showcasing the talent and passion of so many tattoo artists.

Talent and passion are two things Weston Imhoff, a senior art student at CSUN with an emphasis on illustration, definitely has. Imhoff studies art,.

“I’ve been doing art most of my life,” Imhoff said. “It was something that my parents really supported me, and I kind of found it to be something that came naturally to me and that I really enjoyed. I decided that when I I came to CSUN, it was something I wanted to make a career of.

Illustration and art undoubtedly fit perfectly into the tattoo world. Tattoos, just like artwork, are art because they are a permanent way to display something that the world can see.

Apart from war tattoos, most of the previous generations see tattoos as part of a degenerate culture. While tattoos have slowly become more socially accepted over the past decade, it looks like they will hardly raise any controversy in the not-so-distant future.

“My favorite part of tattooing is that I can share my art with so many people on a really personal level,” Imhoff said. “If you have a work that you do for a gallery, it will hang there and people can see pictures of it, but if you don’t have the money to buy it, you may never be able to have it again. meet again. “

Her personalized tattoos, however, will stay with you forever.

Imhoff didn’t always want to be a tattoo artist.

“I actually started as a CTVA major, but I moved on to illustration because it was something I kept coming back to,” Imhoff said.

After meeting an artist colleague in a class at CSUN, Imhoff was introduced to the world of tattooing. He has since slowly entered the tattoo world, starting first with an apprenticeship and working up to where he is now, an artist at Wildlife Tattoos in the San Fernando Valley.

Taking inspiration from classic tattoo artists like “Sailor Jerry” Collins and Ed Hardy, Imhoff likes to combine bold and fun tattoos with his own style.

“I loved being able to create pieces and make my art more beautiful while learning the knowledge and new techniques from my teachers and other peers here at CSUN,” said Imhoff. “The tattoo has allowed me to be more inspired by the things and people around me, and I love being able to share that with everyone… and he (a tattoo) is always there with you,” said Imhoff.

As a tattoo artist, Imhoff has been able to blend his illustration and his love for art and combine that into a successful career. After graduating, Imhoff plans to continue making art, “as long as I can maintain my own sense of fine art and combine it with tattooing, I see no end to creating art. “

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