Details on Steve Keene’s “SK Art Show”

Steve Keene, the prolific Greenpoint-based painter perhaps best known for his 1990s album covers for Pavement and the Silver Jews, among many others, is hosting an in-person exhibition for just four days starting Thursday at the Public Access gallery on the Lower East Side.

Details via Stag Inbox…

Be advised, this is not a traditional art gallery exhibit.

Art lovers will get the full Steve Keene experience as ‘One Man Art Factory’ packs Public Access in with dozens, if not hundreds of works in LP format, all for sale through his box made-to-measure donations: hundreds of paintings. For sale. Cheap.

Keene is beloved for his deep ties to the indie rock scene of the 90s, where he began selling his album cover tributes on merch tables all over New York, eventually becoming known as much for his upbeat, automated style as he was. for its regular prices of just $5-$10 per board.

The exhibition will feature advance copies of “The Steve Keene Art Book,” the first monograph of his work due out June 14. East Village resident Daniel Efram, a longtime Keene collaborator, produces the art book. (Efram has also shared photos with EVG over the years.)

Public access is at 105 Henry Street near Pike Street. Gallery hours: Thursday-Friday 2pm-6pm; Saturday-Sunday noon to 6 p.m.

Art by Steve Keene; images courtesy of Daniel Efram

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