“Emergence” photo exhibition opens at D&R Greenway

“ICE IS NICE”: this photograph by David O. Anderson is featured in “Emergence”, presented until February 3 in the Olivia Rainbow Gallery at D&R Greenway Land Trust, One Preservation Place. The exhibition presents a collection of fine art photographs of nature seen from the perspective of children.

D&R Greenway Land Trust invites the public to experience nature with new eyes, inspired by its new art exhibition, “Emergence.”David O. Anderson, former chairman of the Princeton Photography Club and longtime member of the Land Trust’s Photographers of Preservation, exhibits a new collection of fine art photographs of nature seen from the perspective of children.

The Olivia Rainbow Gallery, named in memory of 5-year-old Olivia Kuenne, has turned into an experience filled with wonder, with exploratory words and images that evoke emergence, which is defined as ‘the process of’ appearance after a long absence. Through Anderson’s lens, visitors of all ages will experience children’s ‘awe-inspiring attention’ to the natural world. The Land Trust joins with Anderson in hoping, in his own words, that time has passed. in this unique exhibition brings everyone to “the emergence of adulthood to childhood”.

Says the artist of his creative process, “As I was reviewing this D&R Greenway Land Trust application in 2020 for nature images from a child’s perspective, I was inundated with childhood memories of family picnics in parks and nature reserves, visits to zoos and natural history museums and outdoor camping trips with the Boy Scouts. This mindset has allowed me to see nature from the point of view of view of a child rather than as an adult.

Anderson’s Natural Discoveries can be viewed Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., until February 3. All photographs are for sale, with a percentage supporting D&R Greenway’s conservation and land stewardship mission in central Jersey and along Delaware Bay.

D&R Greenway is also announcing the replacement of the Garden State Watercolor Society’s original scheduled entry requirement with opening hours for their juryed exhibit “Recovery” and “Delaware River – River of the Year 2020” hall installation. Both can be visited Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The show has been extended until January 7 at the Johnson Education Center in D&R Greenway, One Preservation Place, near Rosedale Road.

Visitors are asked to follow COVID safety precautions, remaining masked inside the 1900 barn. All artwork is for sale and 25 percent of each purchase is a tax-deductible donation to the mission of D&R Greenway to preserve and maintain the lands.

Linda Mead, President and CEO of D&R Greenway, is “excited to share the beauty of these two exhibits, which remind us of the importance and value of our natural world and the benefits nature brings to our daily lives.”

For more information visit drgreenway.org.

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