Fascination for oxidation? LOVE RUST art exhibition returns to KC


Dan Frueh.

Rust and Believe, local artist Dan Frueh loves oxidation. Toddly enough, the methodical decomposition of iron became Frueh’s medium of choice. Frueh says he’s drawn to the color, texture, and undertones of his evolution over time, in particular, blue rust. (Yes, that’s one thing.)

After a year of pandemic leave, the self-proclaimed “rustifien” brings his annual exhibition of urban art LOVE RUST back to The trap gallery this Friday. The Kansas City Art Institute graduate and his wife Christine have owned and operated the gallery since 2001. Over the years, it has become a haven for artists to show off their latest rusty creations.

20211019 071222

One of Frueh’s works

“TThe idea for LOVE RUST was born in 2010. I met a rustic compatriot, Ann Reckling, through the Artist Inc program. She reached out because our two artistic passions revolved around rust, ”says Frueh. “We landed a double show at Hall 39 in Midtown. While we were taking it apart, she suggested we do it again. I thought to myself, “I have a gallery, and next year? “

Since then, Frueh has met many artists inspired by the beauty of oxidation and even more rust-loving art lovers.

“It was always the biggest show of the year at The Trap,” says Frueh. “And to have it in the fall, the weather is usually perfect for hanging out in the gallery or on the street. We have limited this year’s show to ten performers and require masks inside. This year LOVE RUST may be a little different from the past, but the quality of the work remains top notch.

When he’s not patiently waiting metal to return to its raw state, Frueh also carries out creative and personalized carpentry work. He says he will tackle any artistic endeavor.

The fine arts school prepared me for anything, ”he says. And rust never sleeps, as the story goes. This is where I find the beauty in the world.


20211019 071048

Another of Frueh’s works, featuring blue rust

Friday 22 October
6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Trap Gallery, 525 Gillis Street, Kansas City



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