Google Maps lets you explore this 36,000-year-old ‘art gallery’ – WATCH

Imagine finding a 36,000 year old art gallery that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. It sounds a bit unbelievable, but it’s now a reality thanks to Google Maps. The official Google Maps Instagram page shared a clip with users showing the old “art gallery” located in France. The video featured glimpses of an ancient cave that dates back thousands of years. The clip was also shared on the Google Arts & Culture Instagram page as the video gained popularity on social media and within a short time it was viewed by a large number of people.

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“Do you want to see one of the oldest arts in the world? Take a @googlemaps tour inside the #ChauvetCaves in southern France, where primitive artworks have remained untouched for 36,000 years, including carvings of horses, mammoths and bears,” reads -on in the caption of the video.

The technology used in the video allows users to zoom in on the various intricate paintings and designs made on the walls of caves in southern France. It is a unique experience for everyone as everyone can take their time to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site with full attention.

Text inserted into the video hailed the site as “one of the oldest art galleries” and it is a prime example of primitive art found around the world. Cave paintings have been a major attraction for art lovers around the world and this technology will bring them closer to the experience.

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