Irvine: Going with the Flow Photo Exhibit at the Opening of the Harbor Arts Center

A new photo exhibition organized by Street Level Photoworks in collaboration with the Arts & Culture team at the North Ayrshire Council was unveiled at the Harbor Arts Center this week.

“Everything Flows” features two separate retrospectives of photos by dynamic visual art duo Coulson + Tennant and Edinburgh-based contemporary artist Victoria Clare Bernie.

As part of Visit Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters 20/21 festival, “Everything Flows” will start on July 28th and run until September 18th.

Showcasing the work of the partnerships of award-winning artists Saskia Coulson and Colin Tennant, this special exhibition will feature the work of After It’s Gone, a series exploring the landscape, geology and ecology of the Arctic, Subarctic and Antarctic regions.

Coulson + Tennant said, “Over the past five years, our expedition sites have included the Arctic Circle, which includes Svalbard, Greenland and the Canadian Arctic. The Antarctic Circle, which includes South Georgia, the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

“On these expeditions we were mesmerized by the beauty of these desolate polar landscapes, but huge glaciers were constantly collapsing, far beyond the usual limits of ice caps and frozen seas. I watched them move and also watched these disappearing environments.

“We want to share the beauty of these fragile places, contribute to the debate on climate emergencies and at the same time encourage us all to work together to protect the entire planet. “
Victoria Claire Bernie’s Slowwater exhibition is also presented at HAC as part of the “All Flow” showcase.

His creative exhibits depict Scottish landscapes, coasts and rivers, forests and hills, with works created in 2011 by artist-in-residence Leverflum Trust at the Scottish Institute for Marine Science (SAMS). I am. Oban, Scotland.

While at SAMS, Victoria worked with marine and freshwater scientists and Hydro to study and create the morphology of liquids.
Atlas mapping the current state of Scottish waters.

The Street Level Photoworks exhibition will be held Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm, Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday from noon to 5 pm and by September 18, 2021. Will be closed.

Tickets are now available by contacting

Irvine: Going with the Flow Photo Exhibit at the Opening of the Harbor Arts Center Irvine: Going with the Flow Photo Exhibit at the Opening of the Harbor Arts Center

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