Italian-Greek dialogue, photo exhibition on the island of Kythnos – Culture

ROME – The island of Kythnos, in the Cyclades archipelago in Greece, hosts an exhibition of cultural dialogue between two photographers, the Italian Cosmo Laera and the Greek Gianni Giannelos. The exhibition received the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Greece and the Municipality of Kythnos and the Italian Cultural Institute in Athens. The images of the exhibition “Stone Witnesses”, inaugurated on July 20, 2021 in the courtyards of the churches of Panagia Stratilatissa and Panagia Flambouriani, are inspired by wall art and traditional landscapes, promoting both the Cyclades and the territories of southern Italy.

The event reflects the aim of local institutions to create cultural links between Kythnos and the world. In this context, the catalytic power of art brings people together and highlights common roots and traditions, encourages cooperation between countries, and enhances communication and mutual understanding of each other. The two artists, thanks to their sensitivity and mastery of their profession, highlight the authenticity of the Mediterranean landscape through the characteristics of man and his impact on the rural territory. Greek photographer Giannis Giannelos, in his images of Kythnos, celebrates the ancient dry stone walls, ubiquitous in the Cyclades. Italian photographer Cosmo Laera tells the story of the southern Italian countryside with his images. The images show the difficulty of building the dry stone walls through the eyes and the stories of the peasants and shepherds who, generation after generation, knew how to make strips of land suitable for cultivation.

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