Jehangir Art Gallery will present the works of the late Daniel David

Jehangir Art Gallery will present works by the late Daniel David, from 22n/a at 28and In February 2022, the prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai will present “Life in Black & White”, a major exhibition of selected works by the artist, late Daniel David Talegaonkar (1967-2020).

The exhibition relates in a way the journey of an artist who preferred to think outside the box and discover himself through his work. Daniel, or Danny to his friends and everyone who knew him, was always a gregarious and free spirit.

He immersed himself in drawing and painting throughout his childhood, and his signature on social networks “My heart beats for artwas simply his way of expressing it.

Although Danny was trained as an applied artist and worked as such for a few years, he quickly resented the stifling demands of this field. He made an unconventional entry into the fine arts through his close association with other artists, who later became lifelong friends.

It took him time to discover what really touched him as an artist. He found great joy in the spontaneous “single line” drawings and impromptu dry brush and black ink sketches he made during one of the many drawing tours he did with other artists.

Once he discovered this, he never looked back. He continued to refine and develop his style and stuck to it, reveling in the great joy it brought him.

This exhibition was originally scheduled for April-May 2021, and like other artists, Danny had applied a few years earlier and had been granted this slot.

However, in July 2020, Daniel died suddenly, succumbing to COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic. Given the uncertainties and the difficult phase in which the family found itself, his friends sent a petition to the Gallery, which graciously agreed to postpone this event.

“Life in Black and White” features a carefully curated set of works by Danny

“Life in Black and White” features a carefully curated set of Danny’s works. They give an idea of ​​how he looked at the different shades and facets of life and the world around him, using only black ink and a style he made his own, even though he was constantly experimenting and pushing his limits. This is a selection of 40-45 of his works which he had previously exhibited at Jehangir Art Gallery and other venues in Mumbai and other parts of India.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on 22n/a February 2022 by Shri PT Kolambekar and Smt. Meera P. Kolambekar, Danny’s art teachers in school, who inspired him in many ways and encouraged him even after he graduated from high school.

It would be a wonderful opportunity to get to know this artist through his work and by talking to his close friends and artists, who shared a close bond with this extremely sociable, warm and witty human being.

Exposure: Life in black and white

Artist: (Danny) Daniel David Talegaonkar (1967-2020)

Location: Jehangir Art Gallery II, 161 B, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 400001

Appointment: 22n/a at 28and February 2022 (11 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

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