LA Art Box will present the first solo art exhibition of emerging artist I AM Augie Ray

A cultural art gallery, The LA Art Box will present The RED Art Show July 29-31, which marks the first official solo debut of Grammy-winning producer and emerging visual artist I AM Augie Ray. The RED Art Show is an immersive exhibition featuring 30 multimedia works and a five-song EP exploring the notion of Raw Emotional Dissonance (RED) through Ray’s unique, boundary-pushing visual style.

Straddling the line of freedom of expression and survival, The RED Art Show challenges each viewer to fight dissonance and live authentically. Ray mixes abstract expressionism with the influence of street style for a visual message that leaves no room for wonder but rather creates a space for recognition – highlighting realities we all know, but shy away from. express publicly.

“RED is about the battle of being true to oneself in an artificial and chaotic world. By being ‘raw’ we are able to bring out what is hidden and overcome dissonance in the world,” said Ray . “Red is a sign of dominance, power and passion. By embracing red, we possess characteristics often seen by the world as imperfections. Red draws attention to the deepest fears within ourselves. “

LA Art Box to Feature Emerging Artist I AM Augie Ray's First Solo Art Exhibition

In addition to his work as a visual artist, Ray is a Grammy Award-winning music producer who has worked with some of the industry’s most iconic artists such as Rhianna, Sir Elton John, Dj Mustard and many more. others. With an extensive background in music production, Ray has been able to turn his talents into visual art, opening viewers and listeners to his raw, introspective aesthetic. The RED Art Show will feature a five-song EP titled RED which will debut and be distributed on opening night. Viewers will also be able to interact with the music by scanning an accompanying QR code to each artwork for an immersive and curated experience.

The RED Art Show will be presented July 29-31 at LAAB located at 8020 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. Gallery hours are noon to 6 p.m. or by appointment. The show is hosted by Grace Kim. All works will be available for purchase. The LAAB will organize an opening party on Friday July 29 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. A limited number of tickets are available to the public via

About I AM Augie Ray

I AM Augie Ray is a Grammy-winning audio producer, multimedia visual artist, author, and professor of hip-hop at Cal State University Northridge. Often defining himself as a “pluralist” using his skills in tandem, Ray sees the world through abundance and opportunity by following his mantra: “I am everything!” With an extensive background in music production, Ray has been able to turn his talents into visual art, opening viewers and listeners to his raw, introspective aesthetic. Ray is inspired by masters such as Jean Michel Basquiat, Picasco, George Condo and Jacob Lawrence. Through Ray’s artistic exploration, he was able to find the security and purpose to be unabashedly true to himself through all of his chosen forms of expression. Learn more about I AM Augie Ray at or follow @iamaugieray on Instagram.

About LA Art Box

Located in West Hollywood on Melrose Ave, The LA Art Box (LAAB) is an AAPI-owned cultural space dedicated to showcasing a wide range of histories, cultures, and experiences. Billed as a cultural gallery and space for content creation, LAAB offers opportunities for parents and children to discuss social issues, artists to share and celebrate their roots, and communities to discover the experiences that connect and connect them. distinguish. To stay connected and learn about upcoming events, visit or follow @LAArtBox on Instagram and Facebook.

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