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Hello, neighbors! It’s October and it’s Friday. Two things that I like.

I appreciate when local businesses / organizations provide part of their story. Yesterday I stumbled across the website for Genna’s Lounge – an establishment that has been a Madison staple for over 50 years now – and stumbled down to a research burrow, although I just needed to check out its hours. ‘opening.

In the mid-1960s, Genna’s was a meeting place for radical activists protesting the Vietnam War. “While State Street often looked like a war zone, Genna never suffered a broken window during the war at home,” the site says.

It reminded me of the documentary “The War at Home” (1979) that I watched while researching a project. The film touches on a bit of everything from that era, including the Sterling Hall bombing, protests by Dow Chemical, and black student organizers who oppose the war and the racist administration of the ‘UW. It also includes in-depth interviews with a young Paul Soglin still with a mustache.

Any student can watch the doc for free with their Kanopy subscription!

Very hot with periods of sun. High: 85 Low: 65.

Here are the best stories in Madison today:

  1. Six people died on Washington Avenue East since April. Within the framework of Vision Zero, the city’s plan to eliminate road fatalities, the city has implemented measures such as reduced speed limits, better lighting of crosswalks and many more quotes. While there is still some way to go, data has shown that drivers are slowing down. (cut-off times)
  2. All COVID“is one of the four new exhibitions of the Opening Center in the Playhouse Gallery. With over 70 pieces, mostly by local artists, it serves as a ‘time capsule’ and shines a light on themes of the pandemic – such as social isolation. (Wisconsin State Journal)
  3. As someone who specializes in tweeting i.e. journalism, I surely felt a lot of judgment from my STEM friends who loved to talk about the intensity of their classes and career paths. planned and stable. The Badger Herald looks at “Degrees Mickey Mouse“or majors that are often criticized for being unnecessary and easy. This story takes a look at students majoring in fashion design – a major that involves long hours in the studio and conversations about the politics and economics of design. (Badger Herald)
  4. Speaking of local business websites, have you ever watched thecrystalcornerbar.com? If you did, you’re no doubt at least a little curious as to why it hasn’t been updated and fully embraces that early 2000s aesthetic. Learn more about it. (Your)

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Today in Madison:

  • Happy Hour High Noon — Patio High Noon. (5:00 p.m.)
  • South Madison Farmers’ Market — The Villager Mall. (2 p.m.)
  • Happy Hour Jazz with Bad Mustard — Books by Léopold. (6 p.m.)
  • UW School of Music Awards — Hamel Music Center. (3 p.m.)
  • Bob Ross Paint Along — Edgewood College. (Noon)

Madison Notebook

  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison: “As the Hamel Music Center reopens, students and faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Mead Witter School of Music share their excitement, as well as what they’ve missed most about live music.” (Facebook)
  • Discover Wisconsin: “October is just around the corner, so let’s start with a deep dive into how the people of Wisconsin can be energy efficient in their own homes for National Energy Awareness Month!” (Instagram)
  • Shelter from the storm: “Bark, Scoot and Boogie are fast approaching! On Saturday October 9th, stop by to taste food, pet dogs and hang out with Cactus Mother! ” (Facebook)
  • Wisconsin Veterans Museum: “Welcome home to Keefe R. Connolly, US Navy Hospital Apprentice 1st Class. Connolly was killed aboard the USS Oklahoma in the Pearl Harbor attack. 80 years after his death, Connolly has eventually identified. “(Instagram)
  • Wisconsin Art Museum: “Join us in the MOWA Atrium for our new monthly Art + Wellness series on Wednesday, October 6 at 10:30 am. Find out how reading facial expressions can lead to healthier relationships.” (Instagram)

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