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Seventy hours. This is how much time Leah Diekhoff spent painting a mural for Books & Brews South Indy.

Books & Brews South Indy owner and operator Keith Fetchman said he contacted the art and design department last year to see if there were any students interested in painting a mural. Diekhoff said her ministry recommended her.

According to Diekhoff, she started speaking with Books & Brews earlier in the year. Diekhoff said she started mural painting in September and worked two days a week for five hours at a time. According to Fetchman, she gave him two different sketches varying the sizes of the books to be painted on the building.

“For the most part, I had almost complete creative freedom,” Diekhoff said. “They definitely wanted books, but they wanted a few of them not to be very specific, but they wanted Shakespeare in there and they wanted Jane Austen.”

Photo by Jordan Fisher Visitors to Books & Brews South Indy are now greeted with a mural showing books by various authors. Some of the chosen authors were invited to appear on the mural, while the rest was left to the artist, Leah Diekhoff.

Diekhoff was able to choose the other books that were not specified by Fetchman. She chose other classics such as “Frankenstein” and “Jane Eyre” that are no longer copyrighted to avoid any copyright issues, she said.

Fetchman said Diekhoff gave Books & Brews his design and he looked really interesting. He said it was a great match for what Books & Brews has to offer, both in terms of food and books.

“She had the idea of ​​having books like falling on a shelf and then doing Jane Austen, who is a very well-known person who wrote ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ which also correlated with one of our “Pickles and Prejudice” menu items, “Fetchman said.

This is the first mural that Diefhoff has ever done, she said, and it is the largest canvas she has ever worked on.

“I think at first I was intimidated because I didn’t do too many orders,” Diekhoff said. “I’ve done a few, but it’s like meeting people and getting what they want, especially on something I’ve never done before. It was a little scary. “

Photo by Jordan Fisher Jane Austen, the author of the book “Pride and Prejudice” was one of the authors featured in Leah Diekhoff’s mural outside Books & Brews South Indy. Austen was one of the authors Diekhoff was asked to include.

She said once she started painting the mural it was fine. According to Diekhof, she didn’t face many challenges other than dealing with her fear of heights by working on a ladder to reach the upper parts of the mural.

Fetchman said Diekhoff may do other work for Books & Brews in the future. The two talked about painting a bicycle near the bike rack and some sort of fantastic mural inside the building, Diekhoff said.

Diekhoff considers working with Books & Brews a good experience, and furthermore, she says it has prompted other companies to contact her. Several people came to ask for information, according to Diekhoff.

“It started something because I had another person come to me who was really interested, he’s a principal of a school nearby and now I’m working on a sketch for him,” Diekhoff said. “So something came out of it. ”

Diekhoff said she has a few small details to finish and the mural should be finished soon. The end of the book mural can be seen heading north on Shelby Street to the location of Books & Brews South Indy, just across from Greyhound Village.


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