Matchbox Plus Art Show offers artwork at a fraction of the size and price

Directory Matchbox Plus Show is eagerly awaited, in part because of the excellent prices offered by the parts. Plus, it tends to be a lot of fun.

“You laugh and have your big surprise moments while it all happens,” said Mike Schnack, owner of Galleries on rue des Cèdres.

Unboxing Cooper McKenna’s little raffia cabin must have been one of those moments. This piece is already sold. And glass artist Terry Savage made stonewashed green, orange and blue bowls with organic designs.

“They are very cool,” said Schnack. “They feel like a skin pattern, almost a fish or snake pattern. There has been a great response to these pieces.”

The Lilliputian Worlds of Harinani Orme feature characters interacting inside a small altar.

“They’re really cheerful pieces actually. Lots of little bling on them.” Schnack can hold one in the palm of his hand. “They are very small, 2-3 inches at best, but with the doors, these protrude a half inch.”

Madeline Mynat’s pink and white sculpture is clearly a frosted yellow cake, titled “The party is over”.

Schnack agrees: “It looks like a cupcake with a slice removed. Its midrange was spackle. It’s very realistic, it’s quite surprising.”


Leighton Lam’s work features aged wood with iridescent dragonflies perched as if on a branch.

“Dragonflies are maybe three inches from wing tip to wing tip,” Schnack said. “Very delicate. His stuff is metal and I believe he uses a laser. They are beautiful.”

George Woodard shows boy block cars on boats, in a Columbus theme, they are Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria. In Jinja Kim’s domestic world, each house is topped with a chubby bird. There are over a hundred works on display in the upstairs gallery on Cedar Street, and Schnack says traffic has been steady.

“Everyone is so grateful to be out there and do things again.”

Galleries on rue des Cèdres is in the King district and Keʻeaumoku Street. You can also see the Matchbox Plus Art Show online.

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