New art exhibit examines pandemic’s influence on Sudbury

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The Art Gallery of Sudbury’s latest exhibition takes a look at the past two years and how the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has shaped our lives.

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Is This Real Life / Is This Real Life features 25 artworks by 26 artists and runs through June 26.

“The theme of the exhibition invited artists to take a look back at the last two years of volatile times,” the art gallery said in a statement.

Selected artists include Alexandra Berens, Jon Butler, Linda Finn, Sue Gamble, Ashley Guenette, Madison Kotyluk, Martin Kotyluk, Maven Kotyluk, Sue Lampinen, Maria Legault, Suzanne McCrae, Andrew McPhail, Jess McShane, Neli Nenkova, Rob O’Flanagan , Elyse Portal and Emilio Portal.

Other artists include Joey Solomon, Heather Topp, Isak Vaillancourt, Rita Vanderhooft, Sharon VanStarkenburg, Johanna Westby, Cheryl Wilson Smith, Laura Woermke and Karen Ylitalo.

Their “works offer artists’ meditations on creating art during the pandemic, mortality, social distancing, sheltering at home, the company of pets during loneliness, the pervasiveness of social media, real opportunities for social change and reconciliation, environmental impact, and essential connections to nature and the outdoors,” the art gallery said.

The exhibition is the first thematic juried exhibition presented by the Art Gallery of Sudbury since the early 1990s.

Three curators of visual arts – Anik Glaude (Toronto), Deanna Nebenionquit (Sudbury) and Aidan Ware (Owen Sound) – reviewed 90 submissions from visual artists in Sudbury and the province. Each 25 pieces was selected on its individual merit.

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“We felt so privileged and honored to be able to present 90 artist nominations to the jurors for review and review. Our sincerest thanks to each artist who took the leap of faith into the online process,” said the director. and curator Demetra Christakos.

“The completion of (my) work marked 683 days from when I stepped away from my ‘real life’ to resume my role as a full-time nurse,” noted artist Karen Ylitalo. “At the time, I thought it would be a 60-day commitment. Yet I am here, still.

“This piece seeks to convey the emotional toll that comes from communicating empathy through eye contact and a muffled voice, while limiting touch and exposure to a time when people need it most.”

Another artist, Jess McShane, added: “Perhaps it is enough to know that the rocks and the water are still there. Granite will heat up in the summer sun; the lakes will ripple and flow and heave and heave. We’ll dip our toes, breathe in, take in a new season with fresh eyes, and the mountains will feel smaller.

The Art Gallery of Sudbury is located at 251 John Street. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. To learn more, visit

[email protected]

Twitter: @SudburyStar

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