Norman Reedus shares photos from art exhibition in Copenhagen

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon in The walking dead, is featured in an art exhibition in Copenhagen titled Live the life you love. This solo exhibition presents 30 photos of Reedus from December 29 to January 29 at Poulsen Gallery.

Reedus is rarely seen without his camera, and he will take something others might miss and turn it into something beautiful. He has a keen eye for the macabre, but portrays it in a whole new light, making it a truly unique photograph.

One photo, which is my favorite, is titled Basement of maximum security prison in Moscow, which he took on a visit through a Russian prison. He has a series of footage from that shoot, but this particular photo shows two prisoners watching Reedus as he captures the image. Their faces are devoid of smiles, but curiosity is evident on their faces. You can see the terrible conditions of the prison from the door that frames them. The green wall behind them evokes feelings of renewal and life, a blatant contradiction with the prison environment. While this is a pretty scary image, adding a blurry kitten to the foreground gives it a bit of sweetness that makes it a work of art.

The photo depicted above is just one example of the style and creativity of the images captured by Reedus.

Norman Reedus Photography

Many of our readers won’t have the means to visit his exhibition in Copenhagen, but you can see the setup and photos shown on Artsy and via Reedus’ post on social media below.

As you browse through the photos in the exhibit, you can see many familiar faces. A photo that Walking Dead Fans will no doubt love Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier. This is a fantastic photo on set which you can purchase via large gallery.

Another familiar face is that of Reedus’ fiancee, Diane Krugar. It appears in several of the photos in the exhibition. Every artist needs a muse, and Krugar makes a beautiful subject.

Other photos showcase Reedus’ artistic eye and sense of humor, such as the bus filled with singing mimes or a masked naked woman eating pancakes. Some images take something that is traditionally not considered a subject for a work of art that he presented in such a way as to make it a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece.

Norman Reedus will return as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead on AMC on February 20, 2022.

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