Opening of a new exhibition at the GIANT art gallery in Bournemouth

BOURNEMOUTH GIANT town center art gallery is set to launch what could be its biggest exhibition yet this weekend.

The FOREVER: CHANGED exhibition will include works by Gavin Turk, Sarah Hardacre, Tim Noble and Sue Webster as part of a selection of pieces, many of which are coming to town for the first time.

The show looks at the future people now occupy through a bold, pointed and sometimes humorous lens of major contemporary artists working in a variety of disciplines.

The exhibition, which runs at GIANT in the Bobby’s Building from July 16 to October 16, will feature large-scale light installations, sculptures, video work, collages and paintings.

Also on display will be works by Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, Ron Arad, Mark Jenkins, Hayden Kays, Misha Milovanovich, Kenny Schachter and Mark Titchner.

The exhibition comes as the 15,000 square foot gallery, the largest artist-run space in the UK, celebrates one year since its opening.

GIANT’s exhibits to date have stayed true to its promise to be accessible, entertaining, exciting, thought-provoking and open; bringing many of the world’s greatest contemporary artists to Bournemouth for the first time, they have attracted visitor personalities that rival some of London’s best-loved institutions.

Directed by contemporary British artist born in Bournemouth, Stuart Semple, GIANT is programmed to feature works from some of the best-known international artists and new pieces from inspiring but largely unknown designers from around the world.

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