Photo exhibition of zone V for schoolchildren from Bulacan

(Top row, from left) Head and Secretary of Zone Five Camera Club Program Committee Leys Masangcay, Chairman Cha Pagdilao, Head of Special Events Committee and Board Director Angela Panlilio, (second row from left) Head of the Exhibitions Committee and Board Director Bern Wong, Member and Assumption Development Foundation (ADF) Ruben Castor Ranin, ADF Graduate, ADF President Dr Micorazon Olango, (bottom row, from left) Marvin Senobio, ADF Academic Relations Officer, Oyo Bunag, ADF Public Relations Officer, Carmina Camua, and Chargez Minda Kelly.

The first photography group, Zone Five Camera Club (ZVCC or Zone V), marks the last day of its online charity exhibit titled “Images of HOPE” (Helping Others Prosper and Excel) – the week-long effort that Ends Tonight features some of Zone V’s best camera work.

Zone V is made up of people who share a common passion for fine art photography. Their goal is to elevate the medium in its various forms and nurture a community rooted in learning and companionship.

For more than 40 years since its inception, Zone V has grown in both membership and craft skills, with many of its members receiving local and international praise in photography competitions. The club is passionate about its quest for photography as a pure art form and firmly believes that the medium is a way to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

And due to the call of the times, Zone V felt the need to help meet challenges through their art.

“Images of Hope” aims to sell 200 prints and raise at least 300,000 pesos, which will be used to buy computer equipment for ADF scholars.

Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Assumption Development Foundation (ADF), a non-profit organization dedicated to developing the apprenticeship of selected youth from Sapang Palay, Bulacan.

“We are long-time partners of ADF and have always supported fundraising to purchase computers for ADF academics. time and with this gesture of support, we hope to build a better future for our ADF scholarship holders, ”she added.

The virtual event features color and black and white prints of its 50 members, including Zone V club ambassadors; a group made up of Jay Camus, Manny Inumerable, Cha Pagdilao, James Singlador, Danny Yu and Ruben Castor Ranin, himself an ADF scholarship holder.

Created in 1966, what was to become ADF was born out of necessity; that of a community of 20,000 informal settlers displaced from Manila to Bulacan.

Pushed into no man’s land and deprived of the most basic needs, a Carmelite Assumption and Missionary College in San Lorenzo established a school to provide, at a minimum, schooling for children in grades 1 through 6.

ADF then became a foundation in 1995, whose mission is “to help underprivileged children by breaking the cycle of poverty through education”.

An article published on the ADF website (based on data from November 2009) indicated that more than 586 high school students and 162 college students have graduated from the program. The prevalence of distance learning in the new normal makes computers an essential and indispensable educational tool.

The ultimate goal of Zone V is to create a learning center at ADF. Earlier this year, the club partnered with PLDT to connect the ADF facility to fiber connectivity.

With the upcoming addition of computer sets, ADF fellows will soon have a fully functional digital learning center.

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