Photos: Riotous Spring / Break art exhibit takes over Midtown office building

After a run slightly on the verge of foreclosure in 2020 and a postponement earlier this year, the Armory Arts Week circus ensemble is finally back in town. And it is driven, as has become the custom, by the inimitable Spring / Spring Break Art Exhibition, which is open to the public this weekend on the 10th and 11th floors of a Madison Avenue office building.

Unlike the more glitzy art fairs you might stumble upon this week, Spring / Break is all about artists and curators, and most of the 120 exhibition spaces here – by that I mean abandoned offices, the conference rooms, booths and hallways of the former Ralph Lauren headquarters are made available free of charge to teams and individuals. And they can do whatever they want with their “gallery,” which, this year more than ever, often means creating an elaborate installation in which to exhibit the art.

This is the tenth iteration of Spring / Break (it started at an old school, which was actually called Old School before it became luxury accommodation, in Nolita), and the theme for this year scarred by COVID is Hearsay: Heresy, who according to a press release was “inspired by a very different era of public pyres and plagues – we’re tackling everything in the NEO-MEDIEVAL realm, from parties to flat prospects; from the heresies of art to the altered views of religious transcendence. “

As is always the case, some curators show works that follow the theme more obviously than others, but above all, I was impressed by the energy and creativity that helped transform these drab and dismal surroundings on such a wild journey through today’s independence. contemporary art scene. It’s this sense of discovery that makes Spring / break so fun; you never know what to expect at every door and around every corner.

An art photo at the Spring / Break Art Show 2021

Spring Break is located at 625 Madison Avenue, between 58th and 59th Streets, and is open to the public Friday, September 10 through Monday, September 13. Protocols for a pandemic include timed entry tickets ($ 30- $ 50), significantly reduced capacity, proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test, and masking at all times.

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