Reception for the open-air art exhibition at Hoboken Biergarten on Wednesday

HOBOKEN, NJ – The Main Street Pops Gallery at Pilsener Haus (the Hoboken Biergarten) is celebrating the goddess this month with a new art exhibit by New York City mixed media collage artist Denise Adler.

Inspired by myths, legends and symbolism, the artist uses paintings, photographs, magazine articles and found objects discarded like garbage, string and plastic, to create portraits and landscapes of dreams that reflect his empathetic and fearful reaction to current events in the world around him. These personal and thoughtful pieces commemorate a moment in time and share a vision for something more sensitive and beautiful.

“I am an artist because I have always loved the process of creation,” explains Denise Adler. Having grown up drawing, painting and photographing, she draws on her imagination to solve visual problems: “This is what makes me happy.

Her mixed media work often takes the form of drawing, painting and collage, where she explores the multifaceted connections between the internal, external and virtual realms; ultimately, distilling his visions “into hybrid creations that exemplify my sense of our collective human experience.”

Main Street Pops Co-Founder Tracy Gavant added, “We immediately bonded with Denise’s dreamy and mystical style and of course as a woman-owned business we loved the theme of ‘celebrating the goddess. ! “

Currently, Denise shares a studio in Chelsea, where “I’m still working on expanding my work to incorporate a more ethereal sensitivity,” says Adler, who also cites “getting lost” and finding “solutions to this vulnerability” as main process. related to his work.

She is also a founding member of ArtSpeak Collective, a virtual gallery platform for artists, established during the pandemic, which is now a true artist gallery on W27th St. in Chelsea, New York, called the Pictor Gallery.

“Celebrating the Goddess” is on display from September 8 to October 31, with an opening reception on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Main Street Pops Gallery at Pilsener Haus, in the Wintergarten at 1422 Grand Street, Hoboken.

This event is free and open to the public. Entrances are welcome or reserve a space now at:

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