Shushana Rucker’s exhibition at Western’s Art Gallery

ROCK SPRINGS – The Western Wyoming Community College Art Gallery will showcase Shushana Rucker’s work from November 12, 2021 to February 12, 2022.

Rucker’s show, History of the place, is a collection of paintings and monotypes representing urban landscapes. Rather than painting the city’s picturesque moments, Rucker instead chose to draw attention to areas of city life that are often overlooked, ignored, or even intentionally avoided.

Graffiti. Abandoned railways. The weathered steel beams of a viaduct. Deserted alleys cluttered with rubbish. These are the visual moments that Rucker is drawn to, as if to highlight the aesthetic moments that can be enjoyed, not only in the mundane, but also in the ugliest.

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Beyond that, however, Rucker’s images also testify to the sense of history, and even character, that human spaces seem to develop, and even permeate, with the people who inhabit them over the days, years, decades and even centuries.

Rucker’s cityscapes are replete with examples of the major effects that even small human interventions have on the environment over long periods of time. Cracks in a sidewalk, spray paint on a dumpster, even trash clogging a gutter not only become moments in themselves, but part of a larger tale of humans interacting with their surroundings.

Rucker describes his work this way: “Humans tend to shape their own habitat, and I’m interested in examining how these personalized environments impact human thinking. In my work, I research the links between people and structures, the influence of man on the landscape and the impact of time on man-made objects. As I understand aging neighborhoods and urban environments, landscapes and green spaces, I find myself more able to understand and represent the people who interact with them.

Shushana Rucker is a New Jersey-based painter and printmaker. She is an award-winning artist who exhibits her work nationally and internationally and is represented by the FAN Gallery in Philadelphia.

She received a certificate in printmaking from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, a BFA from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MFA from the University of Delaware.

The exhibit can be viewed whenever the college is open. The Western Art Gallery showcases the work of student, local and world-renowned artists. The exhibitions change regularly, are always free and open to the public.

For questions regarding the exhibit, contact Jacob Muldowney at [email protected]

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