Solo art exhibition ‘Circling The Square’ by artist Cynthia Lee continues through August 14 in Elmhurst

Local artist Cynthia Lee has a solo art exhibition “Circling the Square” at the Elmhurst Artists’ Guild Gallery located in the Elmhurst Art Museum.

This exhibition of summaries and poetry in cold wax will be on view until August 14.

An informal closing reception will be held on August 14 where you can talk to the artist and purchase their work.

The Elmhurst Art Museum at 150 S. Cottage Hill is open Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 5 p.m. and Friday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

According to the artist, “The inspiration for the art and poetry in my solo exhibition, ‘Circling the Square,’ is rooted in a growing sense of my own mortality. Time seems to pass faster now. In the midst of our current political situation turbulent, I crave moments of stillness. I express this in my oil and cold wax paintings with more open or negative spaces. But these spaces are not empty. They contain my thoughts and feelings about impermanence, the role of memory, the need to tell our stories.Circular shapes convey the cyclical nature of life and our human relationships.Doodles suggest language and communication.Rectangles act as mirrors and frames for keepsakes.

“I remember a beautiful Italian phrase, passeggiata, to describe the walk around the town square in the late afternoon. I want to walk there, with old and new friends, and with complete strangers, sharing the slanting sunlight and shadows with us all, finding peace as night draws near.”

The Elmhurst Artists’ Guild, founded in 1946, has been a founding member of the Alliance of Fine Art since 1962. The AFA is a professional association of Chicago-area arts organizations that offers a wider range of information , resources and other benefits to artists in Elmhurst. ‘ Guild membership. Learn more at or

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