SPRING / BREAK Art Show returns to Madison Avenue in September.

SPRING / BREAK Art Show NYC 2020: Milking the Golden Bull by David B. Frye, curator Mary Gagler
and Ali Shrago-Spechler, curated by David Schell and Tahl Mayer

SPRING / BREAK Art Show has announced its return to Ralph Lauren’s former offices at 625 Madison Avenue for its 2021 fair, which will take place September 8-13 during Armory Arts Week.

Under the YES-SAY: HERESIA theme, SPRING / BREAK will bring together over 120 projects comprising over 800 works of art that tackle everything neo-medieval, from plague-related mysticism to the nature of our modern self-de-fe social media, with curators choosing to focus their shows around subcategories including medieval formalism, heretical artistic practices, and craftsmanship as an artistic practice.

Exhibits will be staged across two floors of the downtown skyscraper, revisiting, as co-founder Ambre Kelly puts it, “one of the last trails the art world collectively takes before the lockdown ago. more than a year”.

This year, the fair will also have an “IMMERSIVE” component, moving from installations from Brooklyn (2017) and Times Square (2019) to upstate New York as part of Helen’s UPSTATE ART WEEKEND. Toomer, a former SPRING / BREAK. From August 28-29, “UPSTATE IMMERSIVE” will host a full-scale sculptural exhibit on parks designated by the City of Poughkeepsie and the Poughkeepsie Public Arts Commission – a two-day extravaganza ending with fireworks and displays. musical performances from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday August 29.

SPRING / BREAK Art exhibition September 8 to 13 625 Madison Avenue www.springbreakartshow.com

Abby Cheney + Hanna Washburn, Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, Alejandro Jassan, Ali Rossi, Alonsa Guevara, Amanda Needham, Ambre Kelly + Andrew Gori, Andrea Zlotowitz, Anna Kustera, Anne-Laure Lemaitre, Anthony Haden-Guest, Bushel Collective, Buzz Slutzky, Cade Tompkins Projects, Catherine Lentini, Che Morales, Chiara No, Chris Bors + Fred Fleisher, Chris Lucius, CHRISTINE PARK GALLERY, Clarence Johns, Craven Contemporary LLC, David Alexander, David Behringer, Deep Space Gallery, Elisabeth Smolarz, Emerson-Dorsch Gallery , Emily McElwreath, Filippo Fossati + Jennifer Bacon, Filo Sofi Arts, FiveMyles, Francesca Pessarelli, FROSCH & CO, Galleri Urbane, Gold / scopophilia *, Goodyear Arts, Grace Storey, Hannah Antalek, Howl! Happening, InLiquid, Jac Lahav + Tali Hinkis + Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Jack Wilks + Vajra Kingsley, Jacob Rhodes + Kristen Racaniello, John Witty, Jordan Segal, Jude Tallichet, Julia Haw, KaPow and GaBoo, Karsten Schubert London, Kates -Ferri Projects, Kathleen Vance + Daniel Aycockl, Kathy ImLay, Katrina Majkut, Kelcey Edwards, Kevin Largent + Joey Frank, Kyle Utter + Clare Kambhu, LaiSun Keane, Lauren Hirshfield, Leonard Reibstein, Libby Rosa, Lizzy Chiappini, Luke Seward, M Charlene Stevens, Magda Sawon, Margot McIlwain Nishimura, Maria de Los Angeles, Marisa Newman Projects, Marly Hammer, Mary Gagler, Mat Gasparek + Debbi Kenote, Matthew Capezzuto, Meghan Doherty, Melanie Reese, Melinda Wang, Melissa Ragona, Merkado Central, Monica King Projects, Mudhouse Residency, Nadia Tahoun, Natalie Kates + Josh Maupin, Nicholas Cueva, Nicole Basilone + Daniel Morowitz, Nicole Nadeau, Ovodova Ekaterina, Patrick Mohundro, Queenie Wong, Rae Zhang, Raft of Sanity, Rebecca Goyette, Renee Riccardo, Riva lry Projects, Rose Dickson + Sally Jerome, Sadaf Padder, Sara Angel Guerrero-Mostafa, Sarah Celentano, secret project robot, Shona McAndrew, SPANTZO gallery, Susan Nelly, Taylor Hansen Hughes, Ted Riederer, The CAMP Gallery, The Untitled Space, Timothy Uriah Steele, Tom Marquet, Tomate Mouse, Track 16, Vanessa Albury, Wesley Wei-Chia Sin, YAI Arts, Zachary Lank, Zahra Sherzad

2021 ‘UPSTATE IMMERSIVE’ ARTISTSAzikiwe Mohammed, Claire Lachow, Gracelee Lawrence, Hilliary Gabryel, Kelsey Bennett, Leah Dixon, Icy & Sot, Ori Carino, Paul Gagner, Phaan Howng & MORE

CLOSING NIGHT SHOWS BYDarius Christian, Miriam Parker, Spencer Zahn, Bosquelo and KAYROCK Silkscreen


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