Student Art Exhibition opens in WNC Bristlecone Gallery

Anela Wood’s work ‘Staged’ is part of the student art exhibit at the Bristlecone Gallery.

There’s no shortage of Western Nevada College students expressing themselves through art this spring at the Bristlecone Gallery on the Carson City campus.

The annual Student Art Exhibition opened this week with over 100 works of art on display.

“Bunny Bee” by Shiloh Cyphers is now on display as part of the annual Student Art Show until May 12.

The three-week show runs until May 12. A closing ceremony is scheduled from 5-6:30 p.m. on the last day of the exhibition at the Bristlecone Gallery.

Even a well-known WNC professor crushed the Student Show with a few contributions.

Students contributed in a variety of mediums, including drawings, paintings, prints, digital media, photography, graphic arts, and mixed media.

Artists are allowed to sell their works during the show. Contact them if you are interested in purchasing one of their pieces.

The Bristlecone Main Gallery is located at 2201 W. College Parkway in Carson City and is open to the public five days a week: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The exhibition includes works of art by the following artists along with the titles of their works: Carl Carnes, The Rumbling and StartDream; Jessica Matthews, Delicate Arch and Seek and You Will Find; Kaylee Nielsen, Hidden Glow; Jaden Caraway, two untitled pieces; Dyllan Dunbar, Quiet Night and Spring Festival; Jesse Meadors, Aspen Dance and Simmering Sunrise; Katherine Holley, Evening Campfire and Fall Aspen; Amanda Perry, Between the Aspens and Rising with the Sky; Jayson Garcia, Night Flight; Erynn Schrauth, Random Pour Rose, Love and Peace, Nevada Sunset and Still Life Limited; Levi Anguiano, Clear Skies Against Clouds and Helicopter in the Night Sky; Austin Tingley, Alpine Sunset; Jackie Estes, Ukraine and Hibiscus; Ashley Melandow, Summer Meadow; Summerlynn Dennis, Siamese Specter, Desert Clutter and Complementary Rainbow; Ethne Myler, Complementary Perspectives; Karyme Salgado, Reflections and Cloudy Sky; Joseph Torres, Black & White and Niemo was found; Shiloh Cyphers, Chocolate Cats, Ice Cream Cats, Taco & Cookie, Bunny Bee and Garamond; Ray Freeman, Untitled; Rowan Dashner, Bottle with Leaves; Abigail Ritts, miscarriage; Bryan Pott, Eren vs. Armored Titan, Something Elegant and Sun Breathing First Form; Unnamed artist, bovine; Marisa Saenz, Desert at Sunset, Family Roots, Doe and Iris in Front of Fence; Jacob Flynt, Bottles, Antlers and Egg, Black and White Skull and Saul Bass; Carmen Maciel, Untitled; Anela Wood, director; Madeline Wilson, Cow Skull Study, Untitled and Abyssias; Alejandra Ortiz, horse statue; Margit Halford, Carson Nugget; Ngoc Bao Nguyeh, net-caught fish; Kaden Grimes, elemental beings; Marietta Sophie Paul, Lovely Sway #2, Lovely Sway #4 and Lovely Sway #3; Candace Hoffman, Orphic Skull, Eudaemonia and Moonlit Corner; David Landis, Maverick’s Ride and Bargue Plate Study; Jamie E. Babb, Relax, Nameless Beauty and Scared; Lauren Heggen, Futura; Annelise Poor, drawling, almost there and an unhappy clown; Katie Zarate, Untitled, Carrefour and Branches; Sree Sajja, Look Up, Palm Tree and American Flag; Ryan Defalco, Solitude and Shattered; Winnie Kortemeier, Dancing Girl and Good Dog; Joseph Mikulak, Vignelli; Heidi Thompson, David Carson; Karter Conway, Mother Earth and Remembrance; Katherine Oppedahl, Mushies, Memories of July and Self-Portrait; Emily Patten, Black and White Flowers; Karyn Knecht, Rose Red; Aspen Carrillo, Hulaigan, Borse and Chappell with a pearl earring; Alisha Stevens, Silver Assassin; and David Wilden, Bargue Study.

For more information about the exhibit, email [email protected]

“Untitled” by Ray Freeman is among more than 100 works of art on display at the Bristlecone Library’s Student Art Show.

Attend the Student Art Exhibit through May 12 at the Bristlecone Gallery on the Carson City campus.

Discover the photographic works of art at the annual student art exhibition.

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