Sudbury News: Autistic man hosts art exhibit in his front yard

Morgan Kitching is a 20-year-old with severe autism and intellectual disability who found his voice through art, his social media page says.

A power outage while at the family cottage in Killarney four years ago led him to love painting. He developed his skills through the mentorship of his mother Trish Jokat and his partner Pierre Sabourin.

For Easter Sunday, Kitching displayed his paintings in the front yard of his mother’s house on Kingslea Court in New Sudbury where he lives.

Morgan Kitching, 20, exhibits his paintings 17/22 April (Supplied)

Jokat told CTV News his son sold seven paintings in a matter of hours on Sunday.

Morgan Kitching, 20, exhibits her paintings for Easter Sunday. April 17/22 (Provided)

She said her 16-by-20-inch paintings sell for $100 and there are some that are four feet by four feet.

Some of Morgan Kitching’s paintings on display at Kingslea Court. April 17/22 (Provided)

He sold one last month for $850, Jokat said.

His first art exhibition took place in 2019 at a gallery in downtown Sudbury.

He plans to hold two more art exhibitions in the courtyard, one at the end of April to close “World Autism Month” and another on Mother’s Day.

To learn more about Kitching and his art, click here.

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