Summer art exhibition 3 | Columbia Valley Pioneer


By Cajsa Fredin
Executive director

There is a feeling that we can all associate with life in the valley, and that is that of “home”. It’s even hard to determine what it is because it’s not just one thing. It’s all “things”, and it hits you like one of those summer sunsets running through the canyon. This is often when you know you are literally home, when you walk through the big red boulder and smell the warm pine trees entering through the open windows. Many are growing up here, and many were still just passing through, but just couldn’t find a good reason to leave.

This sense of finding one’s sanctuary defines the work of six Kootenay artists who have found their place alongside the Purcell. Currently in the Pynelogs SANCTUARY features gallery; James Wyper, an artist who paints colorful landscapes with crisp lines, his bright, modern shapes bringing back memories of hot summer nights, while Noel Nault’s black and white photography captures the texture and mystery of rivers and from the forests of the Kootenays. Tod Emel’s candy-colored work explores the topography of sound through the visual language of meandering pine beetle-mimicking paths routed through wood panels, a style in stark contrast to the crisp black lines that demarcate places like Secret Beach by Amanda Maglis Long. Mats Fredin’s boldly colored ceramic works are each a physical vessel that contains a wild adventure, while the impressionistic and textured layers of vivid colors painted by Kate Atkinson suspend moments in time, daring yet calm meditations on ‘the places we go ”.

Whether you’re just passing through or planning to stay for a while, sometimes home is more than a place a winding road has found; it is love and color that fill your Kootenay soul. This is where you find your sanctuary.

Join us at Pynelogs Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 4pm for the SANCTUARY or at to watch the show online. Follow @columbiavalleyarts on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates. We are delighted to welcome Noel Nault to the gallery on August 21 as he talks about the process behind his traditional black and white photography technique.


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