The Sibley Nature Center presents a photo exhibition on the homelessness of the Midlanders

Midlander Conrad Coleman spent a year and a half documenting Midland’s homeless population in what began as a project for a photography class he was taking at Midland College. His photograph now titled “Life on the Streets: Homeless in Midland, Texas” is on display at the Sibley Nature Center, where he is also a member of the Sibley Camera Club.

Coleman said he was inspired by his wife, Martie, who volunteers with Breaking Bread Kitchen, The Field’s Edge and Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry. He said she would come home with stories about Midland’s homeless population. He had to choose a subject of photography that he would have access to, so he then asked his wife if he would go with her on the Breaking Bread Kitchen truck when she volunteered. After getting out of the truck several times, he decided to start documenting the experience.

“I had a belief that the money would solve the problem, but it was not just a problem of money,” Coleman said. “I would come back in the afternoon to talk to them, get to know them, ask to take their photos and buy them a meal every now and then. This is how the project was born.

He is now a volunteer on the Breaking Bread truck and goes out on Wednesday mornings to check out the people he has photographed. The pandemic ended up happening in the middle of her class project, causing the class to stop meeting. However, he wanted to see the project succeed.

Here is a list of organizations and nonprofits dedicated to helping the homeless in Midland.
Midland Fair Havens
Midland Family Promise
Midland Salvation Army

Breaking bread in the kitchen
Field edge
Midland Soup Kitchen Department
Pond dream center for orphans
Midland backyard
Midland Coalition for the Homeless
MISD Family Support Center
Midland’s Helping Hand

Events to come

Theater Thursday at 6 pm with episode 3 of the docu-series “La vie en couleur”.
Summer camp “-ologies”, 9 am on July 13, 15, 20, 22.
Wellness Tour 2021 guided hike, 9 a.m. on July 27, 28, 29 and 30.

The exhibition includes 19 photos. One of Coleman’s favorites features a photo of a man who found a dog in his camp. The man wanted to help the dog but had no resources, so the volunteers working with the Breaking Bread truck called MASA Rescue to pick up the dog. The photograph shows the man saying goodbye to the dog.

It also has a wall dedicated to three men, Anthony, James and Bobby, who died while working on the project. The photographs are accompanied by stories of the people.

The exhibit was also on display at Midland Shared Spaces and is now on view through September at the Sibley Nature Center. He would like the Midlanders viewing the exhibit to understand that there are people in Midland who experience homelessness and need their help.

“I would like people to donate their time to organizations that need volunteers and donations,” he said.

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