This sleek new art exhibit is a celebration of all things New York

Cool, colorful, bursting with energy – that’s probably how we would describe life in New York City. This is also how we would describe Sam Sidney’s new art exhibit – a celebration of all things NYC.

New York has never felt so good, a lovely showcase of finely crafted felt portraits, took over Eerdmans, the chic gallery space located in one of the Greenwich Village townhouses that you have no doubt always wanted to explore.

Capturing the essence of everything we love about the city, Sam’s incredibly creative felt renderings bring New York icons to life like you’ve never seen them before, stylish figures like Anna Wintour, Andy Warhol and Holly Golightly -ère Audrey Hepburn, with quintessential items like a MetroCard and the precious blue and white coffee mug.

Sam’s unique felt layering technique originated in quarantine, when the artist applied her love of arts and crafts to the time she spent with her children at home. After creating a self-portrait made of felt scraps, a new signature style emerged, and his pieces quickly took Instagram by the storm.

Given her longtime love for the city – her fascination with it growing up on Long Island, the time she spent living in her first apartment in Manhattan – it was only a matter of time before she ‘she turns her new work of art into a dedicated love letter to New York.

“My parents would take me around town all the time. We would go to the Chelsea flea market or buy vintage clothes in the West Village. But all I wanted was to wake up in Manhattan,” says Sidney. “After college, I lived in the city and I just remember getting my first monthly MetroCard – and, at first, I thought it was the most expensive thing in the world, but I thought about it. also said: “I am a real New Yorker! “”

And, although she currently lives in Charleston, SC, Sam has definitely remained a cool New York girl at heart. So when it came to preparing her pieces for the exhibition, she of course tapped into nostalgia for old school New York City.

“I wanted to showcase the ‘real’ New York, when it was a little dirty and a little weird,” she says. “And it made me think of all the real New York characters, the fashion icons, the things you see traveling around the city.”

With a whimsical nod and plenty of charm, Sidney’s new exhibit feels perfectly aligned with the cheerful return of the city spirit. It’s a fun and fabulous staple (and it’s sure to reap the likes of IG).

Click for a preview!

New York never felt so good will be visible to Eerdmans until November 6

[Photos courtesy Sam Sidney/Eerdmans]

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