Toronto’s new art gallery is full of spectacular local creations (PHOTOS)

A new gallery showcasing Toronto artists has opened in Little Italy and offers eye-catching creations for all types of art lovers.

The local gallery, the brainchild of a creative brand and advertising agency The Local Collective, is located at 621 College Street in the Historic District. According to partner and curator Pepe Bratanov, the small boutique gallery will become “the place” where people can find the most sought-after contemporary pop art by local artists.

“The local gallery is a place where you find something unexpected and less predictable and fresh perspectives,” Bratanov told Daily Hive. “I think one of the best compliments we’ve received so far is ‘It’s all so unusual’.”

Visitors to The Local Gallery can explore the variety of paintings, sculptures, prints and collectibles from the first slate of six Toronto-based artists, with more to be added in the coming weeks.

There are wonderful paintings such as Double Trouble through Adam Lancia, a giant candy box of nerd through Brent Andrew Doty, and the breathtaking Acknowledgement through morgan booth.

Raptors fans will certainly understand the The ball is life series by Bright colors, under the artistic name of Bratanov. Skateboarders will want to check out the intricate paintwork Reception interrupted through Jeffrey Laine. And those who need a little extra will want to experience the magnificent pink lightning through Ziggo.

“Artists are the creative and cultural heart of our city,” Bratanov said. “The more we all support and encourage our city’s arts scene, the more we will reap its cultural and emotional benefits. And of course, the local movement is nothing new, but when it comes to supporting local, we normally think of buying local products or locally made handicrafts. Artists aren’t necessarily prioritized, and we hope to change that.

“To top it off, there is so much incredible talent in this city. We don’t really need to look elsewhere.

There are even unique collectibles on display at the gallery, including a wallet handcrafted from recycled basketball backboards and box gloves that look more comfortable on a pedestal than in the ring.

All of the works on display are for sale, ranging from enamel pins for $12 to sculptures for $8,500.

“Art is a major asset. Not everyone can work in an environment where they are surrounded by art all day. I consider it a blessing,” Bratanov said. “However, what I enjoy most about working with The Local Gallery is the people. The new artists I meet, the friendly neighbors who pass by to say hello, those who pass by to welcome us to the neighborhood and of course those who come from all over to visit the gallery. All people with different interests and perspectives looking to escape pandemic life for a moment and immerse themselves in fun and colorful art.

“We hope we can help inspire and grow the local arts community. The more art galleries and creative initiatives we have in our city, the more the artistic community will continue to grow and spread. Art is contagious.

The local gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., with visitor capacity capped at 50% to follow COVID safety guidelines.

The local gallery

Address: 621 College Street, Toronto


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