‘Two Artists’ Photo Exhibition at Gallery 14 in Hopewell

“DAFFODILS”: This work by Martin Schwartz is part of “Painterly Flora,” his collection featured in “Two Artists, Two Views of the World,” on view March 5-27 at Gallery 14 in Hopewell.

Hopewell Gallery 14 presents “Two Artists, Two Views of the World”, by two member artists, John Clarke of Hopewell and Martin “Marty” Schwartz of West Windsor. The exhibition will be visible from March 5 to 27.

“Street Vibe” is a collection of 22 black and white photos by Clarke that depict the emotions, gestures and activities found in urban places.

“There’s a rich romance to urban street life,” Clarke said. “Streets are where we walk to see and be seen. These are places of commerce where people go to buy and sell the necessities of daily life. Streets, parks and public places are also places where we go to take a break from the stress of city life. »

Clarke said he was inspired by some of the recognized masters of black and white street photography, including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Fan Ho and Robert Frank. Clarke is a retired architect, and his design background is evident in the composition of his street images which make heavy use of geometry. He is drawn to the abstract quality inherent in black and white photos.

New Orleans, 2020

“STREET BAND”: This photograph by John Clarke is part of “Street Vibe,” his collection of works featured in “Two Artists, Two Views of the World,” on view March 5-27 at Gallery 14 in Hopewell.

During his retirement from architectural practice, he had time to attend photo workshops with the leading street photographers of our time – including Jeff Mermelstein, Peter Turnley and Dotan Saguy – and developed his own unique style and style. reputation as a street photographer. His exhibition will be in the main gallery.

Clarke and his wife Susan live in a small house he designed in Hopewell, and he has been a member of Gallery 14 for 8 years. He is looking forward to traveling again after the pandemic is over.

In direct contrast, Schwartz pictorial florawill be a bright and colorful presentation of “upcycled” images from his many years of photography. A retired dentist, Schwartz is a longtime member of Galerie 14.

“About 20 years ago I came across Sonja Bullaty’s photographs in her book Provence,said Schwartz. “The images inside were very different from the usual photographs, they had a painterly effect. They struck me so much that I decided to try to create similar effects in my images.

Using the tools and software available today, Schwartz leaned into his library to create dynamic new images that many people will call “digital art.” But like all photographs, they are simply images that have been reworked and processed using the new digital darkroom to create stunning photographic images.

Gallery 14 is a cooperative gallery promoting fine art photography as an art form. It is located at 14 Mercer Street in Hopewell and is open Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. or by appointment. For more information, visit gallery14.org.

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