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Vatican forays into NFTS with virtual art gallery and museum

    • The Vatican has decided to democratize art by opening an NFT art museum.
    • A VR startup called Sensorium, and Humanity 2.0, a Vatican NGO will work on this project.
    • The gallery will be accessible via virtual reality headsets and desktop computers by the end of 2022.

The Vatican has announced the release of a Non-Fungible Virtual Art Gallery or Museum (NFT), where people will marvel at the collection of divine artworks, paintings and manuscripts. The gallery, which will be accessible via virtual reality headsets as well as desktop computers, is expected to open by the end of 2022.

This Vatican venture has been partnered with a virtual reality startup called Sensorium and Humanity 2.0, a Vatican-backed NGO.

Sensorium – a major metaverse developer involved in VR and NFT solutions – said on a blog that together with the Humanity 2.0 Foundation, they will develop… the first-of-its-kind VR and NFT gallery to cater to Vatican artistic and academic content.

The Vatican has planned to democratize the art under the leadership of Father Philip Larrey, who holds the chair of logic and epistemology at the Pontifical Lateran University in the Vatican.

Father Larrey said:

We look forward to working with Sensorium to explore ways to democratize art, making it more widely accessible to people around the world, regardless of socio-economic and geographic limitations.

Father Larrey added that this new collaboration with Sensorium will help them pursue their goal and provide them with advanced technical solutions.

Some of the world’s most exquisite works of art and antiquities are kept in the Vatican. The Vatican Museums were founded in the 16th century and have over 800 works of art. They include works by Renaissance painters such as Michelangelo and Raphael; and more contemporary works by Wassily Kandinsky and Vincent van Gogh.

The Vatican has yet to decide whether or when the Vatican’s collection of digital assets will be available for purchase as NFTs.

Many organizations have entered the metaverse by actively investing in blockchains and NFTs. Since the outbreak of Covid and its accompanying lockdowns, companies have focused on their digital footprint and internet presence, and the Vatican has followed suit.

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