Waco Climate Crisis Art Exhibit Expands Online | Arts & Theater

A local art exhibit focusing on the global threat of climate change turns five this year with an online-only exhibit.

The fifth annual Climate Crisis Art Exhibition, with more than 100 entries from local artists ranging from professionals to elementary school students, is on view at climatecrisisartexhibit.org and will run until at least March.

Show organizer Alan Northcutt said the latest exhibition shows increased attendance compared to last year’s online exhibition, with 110 entries compared to around 70 and first representation from five local schools and two colleges.

“The goal is to increase awareness of the climate crisis and increase the conversation about it,” he said. “That should be high on our agenda.”

The online exhibit, sponsored by Waco Friends of the Climate, also features an “Act Now” page with suggested actions people can take now to begin mitigating the effects of rising global temperatures due to the increase in greenhouse gases.

Several entries referenced wildfires and storms, both of which have made headlines over the past year, and Northcutt said student participation was up this year.

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