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TAHLEQUAH — Oklahoma’s longest running Native American art exhibit and competition announced its highest honors at a virtual reception on April 1, alongside winning works from the Cherokee Art Market Youth Competition.

The 51st annual Trail of Tears Art Exhibit and Sale runs through April 30 and features a variety of authentic Indigenous art, including 163 objects by 97 artists representing 12 tribal nations. Cherokee National Treasure Tonia Hogner-Weavel won this year’s top honor for her floral cotton dress with gold beaded paisley embellishments and matching small Cherokee-style handbag.

“Each year, this show is a celebration of Indigenous culture, history and art,” said Principal Conductor Chuck Hoskin Jr. art in general. Cherokee Nation deeply values ​​the role artists play as storytellers and stewards of culture, and we look forward to seeing our story continue to be shared in creative and authentic ways.

In the juried show, artists compete for more than $16,000 in various categories. The following summary highlights the Grand Prize, First Place, and Special Prize winners:

Trail of Tears Art Show Category / Venue

Artist Name / Affiliation / Artwork

Grand Prize

Tonia Hogner-Weavel, Cherokee National Treasure, “Flower Dress and Purse”

Painting, first place

James Smith, Cherokee Nation, “Forgotten Beauty”

Sculpture, first place

Tama Roberts, Cherokee Nation, “Lost in Translation”

Basketry, first place

Lisa Forrest, Cherokee Nation, “In Memory of Agitsi (Mother)”

Pottery, first place

Crystal Hanna, Cherokee Nation, “The Frog Who Ate The Sun”

Jewelry, first place

ᎡᎵᏔᎻ (Don) Dugger, Cherokee Nation, “ᎧᏅᏏᏔ ᎠᏯᏢᏗ”

Charts, first place

Robin Stockton, Cherokee Nation, “Driven Like Buffalo”

Miniature, first place

Ramona Lossie, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, “Peace Pipes”

Various art forms, first place

Deana Ward, Choctaw Nation, “Intikba (Heritage)”

Photography/Digital Art, First Place

Brenda Bradford, Muscogee Creek Nation, “69”

Trail of Tears Awards

Jeff Edwards, Cherokee Nation, “Move and/or Die”

Emerging artists, first place

Hattie Lee, Cherokee Nation, “Winter Has Gone”

Jennie Ross Cobb Photography Prize

J. Ross Davis, Cherokee Nation, “Yonder Moon”

Betty Scraper Garner Elder Award

Jack Test, Cherokee Nation, “War Pony”

Bill Rabbit Legacy Award

Tama Roberts, Cherokee Nation, “Eminent”

Prizes have also been announced for the Cherokee Art Market Youth Competition. The Youth Contest features artwork by Aboriginal youth in grades 6-12 and precedes the annual Cherokee Art Market in the fall. In addition to monetary rewards, the top winner of the show will also receive a free booth at the upcoming Cherokee Art Market.

The following summary highlights the first place winners of the Cherokee Art Market Youth Competition 2022 and the judge’s choice:

Cherokee Art Market Youth Competition Show / Category / Venue

Artist Name / Affiliation / Artwork

Best of Show

Dylon Nottingham, Cherokee Nation, “Stalking Wendigo”

Two-dimensional, first place, grades 6-8

Norah O’Field, Cherokee Nation, “Fancy Shawl”

Two-Dimensional, First Place, Grades 9-10

Abria Carroll, Cherokee Nation, “The Colors of Fire”

Two-Dimensional, First Place, Grades 11-12

Elizabeth Orlovich, Cherokee Nation, “Morning Breath”

Three-Dimensional, First Place, Grades 6-8

Dayci Starr, Cherokee Nation, “ᎤᏬᏗᏯ”

3D, First Place, Grades 9-10

Dominique Bowlin, Cherokee Nation, “Reflections of Mountains”

3D, First Place, Grades 11-12

Dylon Nottingham, Cherokee Nation, “Stalking Wendigo”

Choice of judge

Addison Meeker, Cherokee Nation, “Goldfish Pond”

Choice of judge

Amerie Fitzpatrick, Crow Nation, “Are you good bro?”

Choice of judge

Harley Hays, Cherokee Nation, “Tribal Tree Drawing”

Bill Rabbit Award

Dylon Nottingham, Cherokee Nation, “Stalking Wendigo”

To view the 51st Annual Trail of Tears Art Exhibit and Sale virtually, visit In-person public viewing is offered Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the gallery adjacent to the Cherokee National Research Center at Cherokee Springs Plaza in Tahlequah. Artwork featured in the exhibition can be purchased online and in person.

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